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Here you can get the latest Western Cape Government Jobs in Eben Donges Hoër skool. Currently Eben Donges Hoër skool Jobs in Cape Town Available now. You can apply now Jobs in Eben Donges Hoër skool Department. We will update you on this page for Gumtree jobs in Eben Donges Hoër skool. So Candidates can subscribe to our South Africa Government Jobs Portal for Upcoming Government Vacancies 2022 in the Eben Donges Hoër skool.

You can also get here Eben Donges Hoër skool Matric jobs in Cape Town & Upcoming jobs in Cape Town for Matriculants.

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Eben Donges Hoër skool Vacancies 2022 | Eben Donges Hoër skool Jobs Opportunity for Principal P3

Eben Donges Hoër skool Jobs notification out on official Eben Donges Hoër skool Vacancies Page for Principal P3 Job position. Apply online before Date-30/09/2022 Job seekers who have degree qualification can apply for the Principal P3 job position. The posting for the Eben Donges Hoër skool Principal P3 in Cape Town. Salary – R423,446.00 Yearly.

Job Specification…

Minimum requirements: A 3-year education qualification suited to High School Teaching to teach a subject offered at the School. At least 7 years teaching experience in a High School. Fluent in the use of English and Afrikaans. Recommendations: Any further relevant academic qualification (e.g. Post graduate qualification in Management and Leadership and/or Governance). Having served in an acting or permanent leadership position (e.g. Departmental Head or Deputy Principal). Highly competent in the use of ICT. The role of the incumbent will be: To ensure that the school is managed excellently and in compliance with applicable legislation, regulations, and personnel administration measures as prescribed. To ensure that the education of the learners is promoted in a proper manner and in accordance with approved policies. Duties: General/administrative: To be responsible for the professional management of a public school as contemplated in section 16A(3) of SASA, and to carry out duties which include, but are not limited to: The implementation of all the educational programmes and curriculum activities; Delivery on WCED Vision and Transform to Perform strategy. The management of all educators and support staff; the management of the use of learning support material and other equipment; the performance of functions delegated to him of her by the HoD in terms of SASA; the safekeeping of all school records; and the implementation of policy and legislation (SASA, section 16A(2)(a)(i) –(vi)). To give proper instructions and guidelines for timetabling, admission and placement of learners. To have various kinds of school accounts and records properly kept and to make the best use of funds for the benefit of the learners in consultation with the appropriate structures. To ensure a school journal containing a record of all-important events connected with the school is kept. To make regular inspections of the school to ensure that the school premises and equipment are being used properly and that good discipline is being maintained. To be responsible for the hostel and all related activities including the staff and learners if one is attached to the school. To ensure that departmental circulars and other information received which affect members of the staff are brought to their attention as soon as possible and are stored in an accessible manner. To handle all correspondence received at the school. Personnel: To provide professional leadership within the school. To guide, supervise and offer professional advice on the work and performance of all staff in the school and where necessary, to discuss and write or countersign reports on teaching support, non-teaching and other staff. To ensure that workloads are equitably distributed among the staff. To be responsible for the development of staff training programs, both school-based, school-focused and externally directed, and to assist educators, particularly new and inexperienced educators, in developing and achieving educational objectives in accordance with the needs of the school. To participate in agreed school/educator appraisal processes in order to regularly review their professional practice with the aim of improving teaching, learning and management. To ensure that all evaluation/forms of assessment conducted in the school are properly and efficiently organised. To assist the HoD in handling disciplinary matters pertaining to educators and support staff employed by the HoD (SASA, section 16A(2)(e)). Academic performance of the school: (SASA, section 16A(1)(b)(i) –(iv)) To prepare and submit to the HoD an annual report in respect of: – The academic performance of that school in relation to minimum outcomes and standards and procedures for assessment determined by the Minister in terms of section 6A of SASA; and the effective use of available resources. Prepare an annual plan in accordance with section 58B of SASA setting out how academic performance at the school will be improved. Table the plan at an SGB meeting. Reporting annually to the HoD and the governing body on progress made in implementing the plan. Teaching: To engage in class teaching as per the workload of the relevant post level and the needs of the school. To be a class teacher if required. To assess and to record the attainment of learners taught. Extra – & co-curricular: To serve on recruitment, promotion advisory and other committees as required. To play an active role in promoting extra and co-curricular activities in the school and to plan major school functions and to encourage learners’ voluntary participation in sports, educational and cultural activities organised by community bodies. Interaction with stakeholders: School governing body: To serve on the governing body of the school and render all necessary assistance to the SGB in the performance of their functions in terms of SASA. To represent the HoD in the governing body when acting in an official capacity. (SASA, section 16A(1)(a)). The principal must (SASA, section 16A (2) (b, c, d, f and (3)) (a) attend and participate in all meetings of the governing body. (b) provide the governing body with a report about the professional management relating to the public school; (c) assist the governing body in handling disciplinary matters pertaining to learners; and (d) inform the governing body about policy and legislation. (e) Assist the governing body in the performance of its functions and responsibilities, but such assistance or participation may not be in conflict with- (i) instructions of the HoD; (ii) Legislation or policy; (iii) an obligation that he/she has towards the HoD, the MEC or the Minister; and (iv) Provisions of the EEA and the PAM, determined in terms of the EEA. To participate in community activities in connection with educational matters and community building. Communication: To co-operate with members of the school staff and the school governing body in maintaining an efficient and smooth-running school. To liaise with the circuit/regional office, supplies section, personnel section, finance section, etc. concerning administration, staffing accounting, purchase of equipment, research and updating of statistics in respect of educators and learners. To liaise with relevant structures regarding school curricula and curriculum development. To meet parents concerning learners’ progress and conduct. To co-operate with the school governing body with regard to all aspects as specified in SASA. To liaise with other relevant government departments, e.g. Department of Health, Public Works, etc., as required. To co-operate with universities, colleges and other agencies in relation to learners’ records and performance as well as INSET and management development programmes. To participate in departmental and professional committees’ seminars and courses in order to contribute to and/or update professional views/standards. To maintain contacts with sports, social, cultural and community organisations. Applicants should be willing to undergo a Competency Based Assessment and / or any other relevant assessment as part of the interview process.

Eben Donges Hoër skool Careers 24 Jobs Opportunity 2022

The Eben Donges Hoër skool Careers 24 Jobs Opportunity 2022:- Eben Donges Hoër skool is a leading Company in South Africa. Lots of South Africans crave to work with Eben Donges Hoër skool. Eben Donges Hoër skool offers many jobs every year. This is the dream job for South African people.

Thousands of candidates apply every year for the jobs left in Eben Donges Hoër skool, but some candidates have successful addresses in this. Again this year, Eben Donges Hoër skool is going to recruit a lot of jobs. This news is very important for the candidates who have been preparing for Eben Donges Hoër skool recruitment for a long time.

Why Youth Need Only Eben Donges Hoër skool Vacancies 

Why should you work in Eben Donges Hoër skool? Eben Donges Hoër skool is a leading organization that gives great respect to its employees. Employees who work in Eben Donges Hoër skool are given a very good salary package. Apart from this, Eben Donges Hoër skool offers its employees a weekly holiday. Eben Donges Hoër skool has a great working environment. Along with this, you also get a promotion every year. Therefore you should work in Eben Donges Hoër skool.

Opportunity at Eben Donges Hoër skool Vacancies Portal 

Eben Donges Hoër skool provides jobs for all youth. Youngsters who have passed Matric / Grade 12 can apply for clerk peon and other posts in this institution. Apart from this, graduate pass candidates can join the internship programs of Eben Donges Hoër skool. Along with this, graduate and master degree holders can apply for big posts. Overall Eben Donges Hoër skool makes jobs available for all categories.

How to Submit Eben Donges Hoër skool Application form at Eben Donges Hoër skool Vacancies Page

It is expected of short-listed candidates to be available for selection interviews on a date, time,
place and/ or online platform determined by the Eben Donges Hoër skool.

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